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            Jiguang Plastic MoldCustomized products
            A professional enterprise engaged in mold design and manufacturing, as well as product injection molding and molds
            Automotive plastic molds
            Plastic mold for automotive interior parts

            Injection molding of automotive plastic molds has become a trend in the field of automotive components, and the proportion of plastic applications in automotive components is increasing. The tremendous innovation in industries such as industry, electrical appliances, petroleum production, and steel industry has also driven groundbreaking inventions such as automobiles and airplanes.

            Medical plastic molds
            Medical equipment plastic molds

            Characteristics of medical cosmetic plastic mold shell: wide application range, easy processing, good chemical resistance, toughness, strength, rigidity, and heat resistance to steam, high transparency. Good biocompatibility, but not easy to adhere, with stable size and radiation resistance.

            HA Plastic molds
            HA Plastic molds

            Characteristics of home appliance plastic molds: High precision. Advanced CNC equipment is used for processing small home appliance plastic molds, ensuring that the accuracy and quality of the molds meet industry standards. Innovative technology and plastic mold processing for small household appliances provide continuous innovation momentum for home appliance enterprises, helping them launch more home products with innovative technology.

            Other Plastic molds
            Other Plastic molds

            Jiguang focuses on customized product molds and injection molding processing, with a clear understanding of every aspect of mold injection molding. Familiar with product structure and mold construction, we can provide low-cost mold opening solutions according to customer needs, saving customer costs; At the same time, the company also has a team of OEM/ODM engineers with 20 years of experience. We have always focused on this field and are committed to becoming a strong brand in this industry;

            20 years of experience in the plastic mold industry
            Providing one-stop injection mold development and product production services
            • Strong corporate strength

            • Powerful backend production capability

            • Efficient project management and control system

            • Strict quality inspection system

            Strong enterprise strengthBuilding a high standard production service provider

            Self built industrial park covering an area of over 20000 square meters, with an annual output of over 500 sets of various plastic molds. With rich experience in collaborative development, design and production of plastic molds, and a good reputation, the park is a benchmark in the industry with over a hundred mechanical equipment such as injection molding machines, mold closing machines, wire cutting, CNC lathes, high-precision grinding machines, etc., with strong strength Consult

            Powerful backend production capacityProvide one-stop supply chain supporting services

            Jiguang Mold has a complete production and supply chain, including molds, injection molding, spraying, electroplating, assembly, etc; Its supply chain has rich experience in mold production, truly achieving high-quality and high standard molds Consult

            Efficient project management and control systemControl the entire process from mold opening to assembly

            Jiguang has a highly configured integrated solution system for mold enterprise management, design, and processing informatization, with simple operation and real-time monitoring of EMoldDM. The efficient full 3D integrated mold design solution significantly reduces design errors, improves design efficiency, and shortens design cycles Consult

            Strict quality inspection systemStriving for excellence in production processes

            A sound production testing management mechanism, equipped with high-tech testing equipment such as CMM coordinate measuring instruments and two-dimensional projectors, ensures the high quality of plastic molds through layer by layer inspection; The precision of production and testing equipment is as high as 0.02MM and 0.005MM respectively, achieving high-precision operation and meeting the accuracy requirements Consult
            CNC Machining
            In mold factories, CNC machining centers are mainly used for processing key mold components such as mold cores and inserts, as well as copper pins. The quality of the mold core and inserts directly determines the quality of the formed part of the mold.
            EDM (Spark Machine) Machining
            Spark discharge machine is a special machining method that uses the electrical erosion generated by the pulse discharge between the two electrodes immersed in the working fluid to erode conductive materials. It is also known as electric pulse and mold discharge machining machine. It is mainly used for a series of plastic molds, such as automotive plastic molds, medical plastic molds, and home appliance plastic molds.
            Wire cutting processing of mold parts with micro structures, mainly processing complex shaped mold parts and processing hard conductive materials
            Injection molding
            The plastic raw materials used in the injection molding process are diverse, and the types and forms of mold design are also diverse. The level of familiarity of operators with specific injection molding machines, as well as the operational skills and practical experience of workers, also vary. At the same time, the objective environment (such as environmental temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness) will also vary with seasons. These objective and subjective conditions jointly determine the occurrence of defects in injection molding products.
            Quality Management
            In the competition of the injection molding industry, achieving customer satisfaction to a greater extent through quality management is the significance of every enterprise or organization. Therefore, quality is not only about whether the product meets specifications, but also includes the overall direction of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, in a broader sense, includes multiple aspects such as delivery time, service, price, etc. If science and technology are the primary productive forces, then quality is the most direct manifestation of a company's strength.

            Shenzhen Jiguang Mold Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2022 and is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Jimei Mold Technology Co., Ltd. It was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. As one of the governing units of the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, it is a professional enterprise engaged in mold design and manufacturing, product injection molding, and molds. It has a self built Jiguang Mold Industrial Park of over 20000 square meters. The scale of fixed assets is 80 million yuan. At present, we produce more than 500 sets of various molds annually, with an annual output value of approximately 200 million yuan. All products adopt international quality standards and implement comprehensive quality inspection measures in all production processes. They have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 management certifications.

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            • 2022


            • 20000

              Owning a standalone factory building

            • 8000

              Fixed asset scale

            • 500

              Annual production of various types of molds

            The serious attitude of Jiguang Mold allows over 1500 customers to choose with confidence
            The serious attitude of Jiguang Mold allows over 1500 customers to choose with confidence

            Add:Jimei Industrial Park, Furong East Road, Songgang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

            Tel:+86 13751109479



            ? 2023 Shenzhen Jiguang Mold Technology Co., Ltd 粵ICP備2023115616號
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